Nutrihance MULTIOMEGA is a unique combination, 1st time in India offers the Power of 10 Ingredients. It's a Nutrition Blend of 5 Omega fatty acids (Omega 3-5-6-7-9) from Plant (100% Vegan) sources and fortified with 5 powerful nutrients, 6S-5MTH (4th Generation Folate), Astaxanthin, Veg. Vitamin D3, and Vitamin A & E to support:

Heart Health, Immunity & Antioxidant Effect, Renal Health, and Nerve Health

  • Nutrihance MULTIOMEGA is available as 100% Veg. Softgel capsules that are made with plant-based starch
  • No Gelatin have been used in the preparation of Nutrihance MULTIOMEGA softgel
  • Nutrihance MULTIOMEGA contains Omega-3, a precursor of EPA & DHA, which may help reduce inflammation and risk of chronic diseases